acute rescue

Mr. F., aged twenty-six was suddenly attacked with sore throat and difficulty of breathing and swallowing ; could not speak above a whisper ; fever and headache ; wild expression of eyes, with stiff neck admitting no lateral or rotary motion of the head ; great prostration; heavy pain down deep in throat; all the membranes of the fauces were deep purple.

What’s her remedy?

  • Devesh79

    Lachesis is the remedy.

  • Naina Sahar

    Thanx Kartik Raghava Murty S


    The remedy is BELLADONNA! Well done everyone. 🙂

  • Hardas Saini Saini

    Bell 200 repeat after 8 hours.

  • Naina Sahar

    In winter Acconite but some time need Belladona too…

  • Bhanu Prakash Varma

    There might b causticum or lachesis or aconite according 2 identification of more symptoms

  • Aamir Shafiq

    Belladonna CM one dose

  • Muhammad Siddique

    Accnit best in winter