A male kid aged 12 is the patient, his mother called me yest morning on phone and said -” dr My kid has vomited in the morn, yest he ate all sorts of varieties of food items, shahi paneer, mad angles triangles and corn puffs from market, parantha at home and what not, and he just gulped all these down , without much chewing, coz he wanted to go and play with his friends, then he slept well at night, and today morn he vomited., Aft vomiting huge volume of stomach contents, he has again gone to sleep. ” okay tell me when he wakes up, let him sleep, I said. he woke up aft few hrs to complain of a headache in the forehead. I asked her to give him a dose of CHINA 200 ..on phone. Evening I went to visit the child… He was in bed and said, I am feeling very warm, don’t want this quilt , and have a mild pain in my abdomen, going to the wasroom for motions but not loose and want a cold liquid drink to drink, he was given few sips of an aerated drink, I like your cold hand on my abd, he said as I palpated his abd.. I asked the mom to give him a dose of Pulsatilla 30 . aft 20 minutes or so, his cheeks were flushed, he developed fever 100F and lay comfortably in bed, sleepy and drowsy, but no pain in abdomen now, pl sit beside me , he called to his mom. Now gauging this present situation I waited for half an hour more to see how he felt, he wasn’t getting any better. SO NOW I GAVE HIM THIS REMEDY________________30, and inspected one locality to confirm my medicine. last whole night he had fever 100F , but was comfortable, today morning- he feels good no fever , is playing around , since schools are off aft exams.
What is this last medicine? Come out with reasons please
ILH Dr Aparna Singh 19th March 2015




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