Acute rescue

This lady of 38 yrs suffered from this type of throat with pain,a choking sensation, constricted feeling with body ache, malaise headache and fever. Chily feeling and unwell feeling, not thirsty. Causation: eating a chilled mango from the fridge at night. Pain she said is worse on the right side , worse when swallowing
Now rescue her with a homoeopathic remedy.

  • Hugo Damm

    Please read § 273

  • Hugo Damm

    Read § 273

  • Val Noble

    Bell in acute or hepar sulph. But constitutional must be considered at the time also.

  • Veronica Torres

    Baryta c

  • Syed Turab Abbas

    3 use salt with water

  • Syed Turab Abbas

    Phyto q Bella Donna 200+HELPER SELF 200+MARK SOL 200

  • Raju Rohira

    Mixtures are being sold in the market by many cos and doctors cos

  • Shahida Sultana

    Is it the rule of homoeopathy?

  • Salman Rasheed

    dear bell hep sulph phyto 200 twice daily fiv days