An 18 month old baby girl was bitten, probably by a mosquito, when she was got out of the car, to relax and play a while, during a long journey. When they resumed journey, the mom noticed that the child wad itchy and was scratching the area and in a few minutes it became red, swollen and hot. There is also a small blister which has ruptured and is discharging a thin transparent watery fluid.

Please use your homoeopathic clinical acumen to select a good remedy.




  1. apis because it is hot. Apis has “swelling like a bag of water’.

  2. I think this exercises are great! I’m not answering cause what I was thinking has beef said but for the ones asking what was the answer I think we all win because we all got some more info that maybe we hadn’t thought of (at least the non pros) I hope we do this more often great job I Love homeopathy!

  3. What I have on hand is 30x so that is the potency I used. 1 pill in a dropper bottle full of water. A spray bottle would work even better.

  4. Apis is the best I think becoz a week back my 28month old son bitten by some bug while playing in garden he got same thing happens I gave him apis melifica 200 and also rub some tincture on his hand aswell .. now hez fine

  5. First ıt comes to my mind ledum but ledum isnt hot also ıt can be apis

  6. My own personal experience with mosquito bites this year has been to put Ferr Phos in water and apply it topically to the bite. If I do it immediately it takes all the swelling away and 95% of the itching. It has been absolutely amazing!


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