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A young married woman had an abortion one year ago, since which time she has had prolapsus uteri. The uterus came
down only when straining at stool, or while urinating, but returned to its normal position as soon as she began to walk around. The parts were continually hot, and she said her back ached as if it would break.

What’s the remedy?




  1. I would say its very relevent. This is not due to homeopathy being non-p.c. there’s just not enough history included to clearly understand its relevance.

  2. Could you please share the remedy for Adenotonsiller Hypertrophy? My 6.3 years young son has this condition and I want to do my best to save him from the surgery. Thank you.

  3. The only relevance to marital status that I can imagine would be if sepia was ambivalent about her relationship. As in… Half in half out of the cuttlefish and there was conflict around that. Or in the case of Lilium Tigrinum … Also a contender …for the few keynotes…If there was conflict with extreme pathological guilt and religious remorse. Possibly a medical narrative from the hangover of Victorian values. For the 21st century there is a different translation… finding that is an art.

  4. Hmmm, I guess I’ve missed that rubric. And I wonder if that is a holdover of a patriarchal background. Or is there some actual, provable relevance? Somehow I doubt the existence of a marriage license (as opposed to the level of sexual activity) is the relevant factor.

  5. There are homoeopathic remedies for married and unmarried women. As well as old and young/newlywed married women.


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