” Dr , I have been having Migraine since childhood, exclaimed a lady of 35 blossoms”
Okay, so you must come to me with an hour when we can do the talking.
“No, but Iam now having an acute episode”
Okay tell me about it.
“I have this severe pain at the top of my head which goes down backwards and downwards from my neck and setles down in the shoulders”
which side?
“The right side┬áat this moment, but other times, maybe the left or right, and the type of pain is as if a pressure is coming onto this right temple, it occurred because I woke up at 3 in the morn, had bath etc and had to go 3 hrs by road with my husband, leaving my child behind with my mom in law, to take the Bachelor of Education exam.”
How does it get better?
“in a soundless/noiseless room, free from any conversation, just lying in a chilled air conditioned room, I mean really chilled, then u can say a little better, or else I take a tab of Acetaminophen, even now my shoulders and neck feel stiff, I cannot move my head and neck without pain.”
Get to work..quick… Rescue her from this Acute episode of migraine..
Dr Aparna Singh..




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