Aconite napellus Materia medica

What comes to mind when you think of Aconite napellus.

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  • Nimroz Nimroz

    Fear of death

  • Bhupendra Khurana

    Fear while crossing roads

  • Angel Shafia

    Aconite napellus is the best medicine in mind,
    Its solve many complains of mind…Mental Restlessnes,Fear,Anixety,Fear of death with Prediction,Dullnes of mind
    Specily in acute complains, it is the best medicine.

  • Pat Siemer

    fear and headache

  • Lila Tan

    Shock, sudden onset & after exposure to cold wind

  • Sameh Shalaby

    Great fear of death
    Sudden syptoms

  • JoEu Perez

    Temor a la muerte. Viento seco. Tos seca.

  • Lori Wessel

    Fear of death

  • Naeem Mughal

    Sudden acute coryza fever fear of death

  • Rick Dery

    Fever Chills cold sweats

  • Lynnette Perry

    Purple and fever or inflammation.

  • Sanjeev Batra

    Fear,axinty ,fever,cough,cold good remady

  • Akshaya Talikhede

    Fear of death
    Sudden, violent onset

  • Marco Silva

    Fear, fever and cold wind

  • Ismar Pereira Filho

    Sudden and violent onset of symptoms, especially if caused by exposure to cold, dry wind?

  • Anamika Shahi

    V nice medicine.

  • Mis Anthrop

    Dont forget in sudden attack of brain hemrrohage

  • Kat Nap

    When in fright, give aconite! The first remedy to administer immediately following any trauma, emotional or physical.

  • Sn Sahoo

    The disease which comes suddenly nd due to fear ,also come contant with cold wind,it acts wonderfuly…..

  • Rohith B Roy

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  • Anusha Ponniah

    Fear anxiety restlessness

  • Constance McQuoid

    The arnica of the eye

  • Fauzia Afzal

    physical and mental restlessness

  • Hemant Parakh

    i prefer to pay Interest

  • Venkatesan RK

    Any sudden / fear related symptoms and anxiety..

  • DrShaikh Shamsur Rahman

    Sudden, sudden and sudden

  • Naimul Naima

    Acute fever and anxiety,for cold , urine problem, heart , bleeding for nose,for sickness.

  • Tara Dawn

    I think I should take this right now for my acute flu like symptoms

  • Aq Khattak

    Sudden sickness. Desire of death.

  • Mohinder Dhingraa

    Best medicine for clold,urine problm.,heart,fevr.and excss.bleeding from nose nd
    .for ladies too (can be consider)

  • Mythreyi Venkatesh

    Fear of any kind

  • Kartar Singh

    Suddeness in shock, fever and anxiety

  • Robin Faith

    The Arnica of the eye.

  • aparnahomeopath

    ilovehomeopathy sudden onset, complaints from snow cold air.

  • Manasa Maanu

    acute fever remedy..great anxiety of mind,restless, fear of death, predicts the day he will die