Acne is a skin condition that involves the oil glands at the base of hair follicles. Acne commonly occurs during puberty. There are two types of Acne: Acne rosacea, and Acne vulgaris

Acne can leave skin scars. There are different types of pimples: whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules.

Troubles of menstrual cycle, anxiety and stress, hot and humid climates, oil based makeup, greasy hair and pimple squeezing are triggers to acne.

Here we discuss a few of the remedy resonance for Acne. There are many more remedies and your homeopath will identify the right remedy based on your similimum.

Arsenicum bromatum: Acne rosacea. Papules on the nose which are worse in spring. Pimples on the face, nose and the lips of girls.

Asterias rubens: Red pimples on the face, nose and chin. Pimples that come on between puberty and maturity.

Calcarea carbonica: Acne in anemic girls at puberty, who have menstrual troubles.

Kalium bromatum: Pimples on the face, chest and shoulders that itch. Blackheads. Pustules that have a depressed centre. Pimples that come on during hormonal changes during puberty.

Graphites: Acne in persons inclined to obesity; particularly women with a disposition to delayed menstruation. The skin is very dry,

  • Wisal Khan

    Thuja 200
    Silicia 200
    Myristica Q
    Berberus Q
    Hemamelus Q
    Hydrastis Q
    For haemorrhoid

  • Wisal Khan

    Ignatia 1m
    Passiflora Q
    Avena sativa Q
    Gingobioloba Q
    Kali phos 6x
    For OCD.

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    medicine for acute cough and cold……guide me plz

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    I never had any luck with homeopathy. What worked for me though was CHANGING my whole approach to acne because of a guide I found on and it cleared up within a week! So much more confident now.

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    Berbers Aquifolium (Q)

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    juglans regia for acne

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    Also it help in cancer & Hemorrhoid

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    Look at aloe socratina, Aesculapius, nux vomica to name a few

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    I’ve used kali brom in the past for this with great success

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    And in the meantime stop consuming pasteurized dairy products that still contain harmful bacteria and antibiotics, which are a known cause of acne.

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    Big.size painful acne on forehead ledum 1m weekly one dose.3 week only.

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    We will then need more info to arrive at the similimum. 🙂

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    What would be used for adult acne. I understand constitutional remedies, but are there anything specific?