Deafness with Tinittus

The 3rd trituration of ACIDUM SALICYLICUM is becoming quite a favourite remedy with me for simple Deafness with Tinnitus.
Dr. Claude.

  • Shahjahan Ali Mondal

    Nat-mur; Nit-ac; Pho-ac; Psor. As per symptoms applicable.

  • Deb Bandyopadhyay

    Not available in the market

  • Louise Norris

    Can you advise on doses please …
    my husband suffers with tinnitus in his right ear following labrythitus

  • Anja Marjatta Ahlgrén

    Olen saanut autettua yhtä nuorta tinnituspotilasta tällä aineella.

  • Sushma Bhadoria

    Kripyaa hindi mai jankari va dava dono k bare mai bataye to suvidha rahegi

  • Milap Singhal

    Any remedy for bleeding gum