Falling of hair

For the terrible falling out of hair after Typhoid. ACIDUM FLUORICUM is well indicated.
Dr. Boger.

  • Maureen R. Reagan

    I don’t find this remedy in Boricke.

  • Papa Tzenh

    DrRakesh Gupta thank you for your answer

  • DrRakesh Gupta

    thyroid3x,is available in tab.form easily available u can take it 1-2 tab tds.

  • Papa Tzenh

    Hello. I need your help please. My doctor is out of country and i cant contact with him. I can’t find thyroidinum 3X ( one to five drops in one ounce water as one dose and to be taken three times a day). I find only 4c. What can i do? Can i take 4c and in which dose? Thank you

  • Rashmi Pareek

    Kya varicose vein ki bhi koi medicine hai please mujay hai thoda bata day Hindi may

  • Pratyusha Mehta

    R these not homeopathic medicines…thn y tablets?

  • Ashok Gangwal

    acid floricum 200. weekly 4 tab 3 month. selineum 30 .4 tab one month.

  • Pratyusha Mehta

    Dosage pls….how much time will it tk to stop n regrow after I start medicine…thnks

  • Dibakar Das

    selineum 30c can cure your hair fall

  • Pratyusha Mehta

    Pls any medicine for hair fall wch has been there since last 1 year…..I think it’s teligen effluvium