A Case of Umbilical Bleeding Cured by Homeopathy.


A male baby aged 40 days was brought to me on 9th January 2013. It was FTND, birth weight was 3kg. The main complaints included bleeding per the umbilicus since seven days. The pediatrician had given some antiseptic powder and some tablets, but did not work even after a few days. While examining the site, I noticed the child crying due to tenderness. When I asked about the status of umbilical stump after delivery, they said that the stump got dried up and automatically fallen off within two weeks after delivery, and there was proper healing with no other abnormalities. Now the bleeding started from the umbilicus, which is not profuse, but continuous oozing, little by little. There were no signs of abscess. The edges of the umbilicus looked everted. Other findings included irritability, aversion to feeding. The stools were more watery and offensive. I also noticed bilateral convergent squint.

Considering the above, given Calc Phos 200, 3 doses, to be taken on alternate days. Also given plcb, and asked them to give the feedback. I also advised them to keep the area clean and dry with sterile cotton swab.

The child was brought to me again on 15th January. The umbilicus looks normal. No irritability and digestive troubles. The squint is same as before, so I suggested them to come for follow-up after one month. Given only plcb.

Copyright – Dr Muhammed Rafeeque




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