A case of Tonsillitis


Thursday, January 6, 1881, late in the evening I was called to see Mr. P—–, aged 30, I found him suffering from tonsillitis, the right tonsil being so swollen and sore as to make deglutition of solids impossible, and fluids almost so.

The whole fauces looked red, and uvula was much swollen. He described the pains as stitching, especially in swallowing. I gave him Hepar sulph., 30th one in two hours.

Calling the next morning I found he had had a restless night, and was feeling no better. Examination of the throat by daylight showed uvula looking like a sack of water, and he described the pain as “burning, stinging.”

I gave him Apis mel. 70m. (Fincke), a few pellets dissolved in half a tumbler of water, two teaspoonfuls once in four hours. The next morning, January 7th, I found he had rested well all night, and had eaten breakfast without difficulty. He got Sac. lac. and resumed his business on Monday.

A case from the clinic of Dr. Nash





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