A case of Rheumatism

case study

M — , age 30 or 35, dark complexion, bilious temperament, contracted rheumatism in “camp,” and came here for treatment.

It was of the sub-acute and vagrant kind. One after another, nearly every joint in his body was affected.

First, one foot and ankle ; then, leaving there, it would locate in the shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand. The pain was not excessive, neither was the swelling.

Colchicum seemed indicated, and for a time did good, but soon lost its effect. Collinsonia was now in order. A few drops of the tincture in a half tumbler of water, of which a teaspoonful was given every two hours, aside from sleeping hours.

Within twenty-four hours there was a decided improvement. The prescription was continued and recovery was rapid and complete within a week after taking the first dose of Collinsonia. It would not be a difficult task to point out scores of cases along this river and its tributaries that have been successfully treated with this remedy, some of which were remarkable.





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