A case of Rheumatism

case study

I was called to see a man with rheumatism. He had been confined to his bed and arm chair for many months, and had suffered greatly from the disease and many doctors. Had not tried homeopathy, for there was “nothing in it.” I found joints swollen (hands, feet, knees, body). The affection had continued all the time to move from joint to joint since he was attacked.

Heat did not > but <. tongue coated white poor appetite no thirst. very greatly discouraged depressed. temperament fair mild disposition. there were other symptoms but these leading. he received pulsatilla c. m. improved promptly in a few days sent for me. showed me discharge from the urethra that looked gonorrh character. was of long ago when we did not know so much about bacteriology. said his wife had given it to him as everybody knew been able get away home. indignantly denied imputation. both solution mystery. i you ever have clap before hesitated under scrutiny flashing eyes wife. then : yes young man married. your rheumatism is improving since this appeared. yes. how cured by an injection. well neither nor are guilty inconstancy toward each other. which now suffering result suppressed twenty years and will action appropriate medication. more local injections please. recovered rapidly. seen cases similar such suppressions am careful resort them. history case treated on symptomatic indications.>




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