case study

Mr. B. has been feeling poorly for two or three days. This morning he had a severe chill.

I was called at 5 P. M.

I find the following symptoms :
Aching in the muscles and bones ; aching from head to foot ; bed as hard as a board ; “pillow hard as a rock.”
Coughing large quantities or rusty sputa ; stitching pain in left chest, has to hold his chest with his hands (Bry., Mer.), fan-like motion of alæ nasi (Phos., Lyc.).
Stupid and sleepy, could hardly keep awake ; total loss of appetite ; very thirsty for large drinks of water ; cough worse at night ; several stools per day – very offensive ; wanted to keep very still, as the least movement aggravated his cough and pain in the chest (Bry.).
Temp. first evening, 101° ; pulse, 110 ; respiration, 32. The second evening, temp., 103° ; pulse, 120 ; resp., 40. Third day, eight A. M., temp., 99° ; pulse, 88 ; resp., 28. Baptisia 8 m. m. (Swan) ; needed no other medicine. (Sherbin.)

REMARKS.- I wish we had time and space to report more cures of my own and others with this most wonderful remedy. I do not know of many remedies with such a short proving that are more reliable. Surely this is not an over-proved remedy. I believe we do not yet know half its virtues. (N.)

A case from the clinic of Dr. Nash




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