A case of Neuralgia

Case Study

Mrs. G., age 35, a farmer’s wife, called to get some medicine for neuralgia, stating that the whole right side of the head was involved.

The pains would come and go gradually at very irregular periods, shoot into the ear along the side of the neck and under the eye, and were always made worse by putting anything cold in the mouth.

To the question if the pain was relieved by putting anything warm in the mouth, she answered :
“Oh, no ; that makes it a great deal worse.”

The pains, although mostly confined to the right side of the face, were moving about frequently, often after leaving the head appearing in the left leg or heel ; she was always chilly, easily moved to tears, and felt decidedly better in the open air.

I gave her Pulsatilla 30, two powders, to dissolve one in four teaspoonfuls of water, and take one every two hours. The neuralgia was cured with the first powder and remained so ; she had no need of the second.

A case from the clinic of Dr. Nash

  • Clare Considine

    Mag phos 30

  • Qaisara Butt

    Ruh.tox ruta and arnica

  • Ashok Kumar Rath

    Farmer ‘s wife,must b a field warker n remedy is rush.tox

  • Sumayya Pasta

    mujhy apna case discuss krna tha mera right hang raat ko soty huay sun hojata hai uth k baitho tu 5 mints baad sahi hota hai phr so jaon tu phr sun hojata hai koi medicine ho tu plz batain

  • Hardas Saini Saini

    Zincum matt.

  • IE Kimiuk

    Stemate Sandy