A case of Intermittent fever.

acute rescue

L., aged sixty- four, had been shaking an hour, when I saw him at 10 A. m. He seemed almost frantic, frequently changing his position in bed, groaning and complaining of drawing, tearing, crampy pains in the muscles of both hips, and which passed off down the posterior thighs to the calves of legs. His fever was intensely high ; pulse accelerated but weak, face and whole body red, slight thirst during both chill and fever, most during chill ; fever
followed by perspiration and headache.

What’s the Remedy?




  1. Hi is there someone can help me to get Relief of Candidiasis an mouth problem I am tired of this I can’t eat spicy food or pepper and chilly food is there any magical thing which could let me restart to have normal foods? Plz please plz Suggest me Now Please.

  2. In the first 12 hours I would try Aconite first… Given they are generally vocal and fearful with symptoms.

  3. I am almost 99% sure that it is RHUS TOXICODENDRON the remedy. However when seeing so many experienced people are saying different remedy. I not sure about 1%.

  4. No medicine reqd. Simply change your bathing soap,pears can be used.Vitamin AD oil for massage your body. I was suffering from this for 3yearsbut got relief.

  5. pl. help me ….l have acute allergical dry etching whole body since last 6month ….given lots treatment……. No relief…. Suggests right homeopathy medicine 4 instant relief….

  6. Rescue is one of the best remedies it’s good for any trauma I’ve been given this and I’ve given this to many people it’s also great after childbirth as the system is in shock I’ve taken it myself after childbirth and gave it to my children when they were crabby


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