A case of Impotence

acute rescue

W., aged forty, merchant ; tall and slender ; melancholic temperament ; guilty of onanism in his youth. Has been married eight years, but could never accomplish his marital duties, although erection is complete ; but ejaculation takes place as soon as he approaches his wife. Remedy X, two doses, and in six weeks he was cured.

  • Meher Imam

    But you mentioned a man….go through your case again


    The remedy that worked her was SULPHUR!

  • Meher Imam

    Lyc. or Ag.CAC. depending on his Constitution type

  • Mohamed Ariff

    Selenium, after self abuse

  • Yasir Nazeer

    Agnus caustus & caladium 200

  • Shahid Mahmood

    damiiana and mocca