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Vertigo when sitting up.
— Stitching pain in the forehead.
— Face red, hot, and swollen, especially about the nose, with stitches in the swollen parts.
— Humming before the ears.
— The external neck is painful to the touch.
— Tongue coated white.
— Taste as of clay.
— No thirst.
— Pulse small, frequent.
— Frequent hiccough and irritation.
— Burning sensation in the bowels over the whole abdomen.
— The region of the liver is painful to the touch.
— Costiveness.
— Frequent micturition, with burning.
— Stinging and burning pain in the small of the back ; the tearing in the limbs is increased by motion.
— No sleep ; uneasy and tossing about in the bed.
— Chilliness through the whole body, with subsequent heat and sweat.
— Great anguish.
Nux vom. had been given before, and had removed the vertigo, the stinging pain, the tearing in the ears, the uneasiness and anguish.
Hepar Sulp. removed the erysipelas ; a relapse was relieved by Bryonia X.




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