A Case of Epilepsy

case study

E. F., set. 11, fell down stairs and struck his head.
He became immediately unconscious, although no lesion could be observed, except a swelling around his left eye. This unconsciousness lasted full four weeks, and when he awoke the faculty of speech was found greatly diminished; no paralysis of face or of the extremities was present. Three months afterwards, the patient appeared well enough to re-enter school.

Towards evening the boy showed a congested face from mental excitation, but he never complained of headache or vertigo.
About two and a half years after the fall the first epileptic fit appeared, after a little more than the usual mental strain. Since then he has had many fits at longer or shorter intervals.
Precordial anguish, dullness of head, vertigo, heaviness of the tongue precede the attack, then absolute coma and convulsions.
During the intervals the patient is perfectly healthy, never complains of headache, but is irritated and easily angered.

Kali bromatum and Atropine failed, but Kali iodatum steadily given for three months, has kept the fits away for the last
eight months.
Prof. C. Berger.





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