A case of Cattarh

case study

J. D., 32. Literary gentleman, with light hair and dark complexion ; constantly increasing catarrhal trouble of the nose for nearly three years.

Ears often feel as though they were filled with water ; constant desire to clear the throat and nose; great dryness of the nose, alternating with fluent coryza; discharge copious and almost watery after meals; fauces and pharynx in a state of sub-acute inflammation; the Eustachian tube of one or both ears often becomes obstructed, producing roaring in the head, followed by detonation, after which there is improvement in the hearing.

Tendency to oozy, gummy eruptions and general unhealthiness of the skin. Injuries easily suppurate.

Graphites 6, gtt. i., morning and night for one week. Decided improvement. Continued at intervals, and cured in a few weeks.

Dr. Mokse




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