A case of CATARRH


Mr. W. D., aged 33, light complexion, blue eyes, healthy family except some catarrhal affections, school teacher by occupation, has suffered since he was 20 years of age with a nasal catarrh which at times has been most annoying. Takes cold easily, when the discharge during acute stage excoriates nares and upper labium, each attack only aggravating the chronic difficulty.

The affection is principally confined to posterior nares, and examination of the fauces reveals posterior wall of pharynx dry and covered with an adherent secretion, to detach which sometimes requires mechanical means. Blows hard plugs or flakes of dried mucus from nose, but most of the discharge comes up by hawking, particularly in morning after eating, when it takes him about an hour to get cleared out for the day. The discharge very offensive at first, but latterly has complete loss of smell. The nasal bones sore to touch on hard pressure, with a painful sensation of
tightness at root of nose.

During acute attacks a sensation of a hair or string lodged high up in the nose, sometimes in right, sometimes in left nostril, produces great sneezing in the morning.

Kali bichromicum. completely relieved in six weeks. Was ordered to bathe head, neck, chest and arms every morning, wiping hair dry, and never to wet the hair for toilet purposes, which is a most prolific source of catarrhal affections in both sexes. — H. C. Allen.




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