A case of Backache cured by Homeopathy

case study

Miss T—., a school-teacher, has been suffering for years from a pain in the sacrum, with constant nausea. She is never free from it ; feels it at night on awaking from sleep. She has been under old-school treatment now and then, but without any benefit ; she can give no other symptoms, and looks apparently healthy. She received S. L. with instructions how to observe symptoms, and to call again in a week. Then she reported the following additional symptoms :

Backache worse riding in a carriage ; always with nausea. Fullness to bursting on the left side of the spine ; all these symptoms are worse since taking the medicine Sac-Lac. (This is no doubt due to trying to observe new symptoms, whereby the attention was drawn more to the suffering.) Does not urinate from morning till night on going to bed, and even then the urine is scanty. On repeated trials the quantity for the twenty-four hours less than a pint of urine ; color and specific gravity normal ; reaction nearly neutral, tests showed only some phosphates. Every morning on arising the tongue has thickly yellow coat on the base. Kali-bichromicum, one powder, and S. L.

After a week she wrote : “I feel a great deal better in every respect, please sent some more of the same medicine.” I sent S. L.

Three weeks later she reported not quite so well. Headache in forehead and temples, affecting the vision, sometimes awakens with it in the morning ; again does not come till the afternoon. Flushes of heat ; hands and feet cold. Kali-bichromicum one powder and S. L.

Three months later I met her ; she looked very much improved, and said she was perfectly well.

Colocynthis, Psorinum, Pulsatilla, Physostigma and Zingiber are the only remedies I could find, having the peculiar symptom : “Backache with Nausea.” Had I given either of these remedies this symptom might have been cured, and perhaps not, but certainly not the patient, and the case would no doubt have been complicated thereby. The symptom worse by riding in a carriage is sometimes cured by a remedy having worse from motion or jarring. I have seen disappear under Bell. Yet Bœnninghausen gives Kali-carb. among the remedies covering the symptom, and Kali-bichrom. has no doubt the same.





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