A case of Angina Pectoris

case study

S. L. G., a man fifty years old, of bilious temperament, a dentist by profession, had slight attacks of angina after severe exposure and overexertion during ”the blizzard” in March, 188S.

He did not consider them of sufficient importance to consult a physician about them, but some months later, he had a suppurative prostatitis, which was followed by considerable prostration, and the attacks of angina became very severe. I never could get a satisfactory description of the character of the pain, and I never saw him during a paroxysm. The pain was brought on by exertion of any kind, and was especially frequent soon
after dinner. The pain was sometimes felt in the left arm, but was usually confined to the cardiac region. I once or twice detected a slight aortic obstruction sound, but aside from this failed to find any evidence of organic disease.

The usual remedies gave no relief, but Latrodectus 3c was of great benefit. Under its use the attacks gradually became less frequent and less severe.

He has taken no medicine now for at least six months, and he tells me that although he occasionally has a little reminder of his former trouble, the attacks are so slight that he pays no attention to them.

I have given the remedy in another similar case, with even more gratifying success. The attacks were very promptly arrested and have not returned, although nearly a year has elapsed. I think we have in this remedy, to which Dr. S. A. Jones directed attention in one of the issues of The Homoeo-
pathic Recorder, a very valuable remedy in this painful affection. It is probably, as Dr. Jones suggests, in angina pectoris vaso-motor that it will be found especially servicable.
E. H. Linnell, M. D. in December, 1890, North American Journal of Homeopathy’ .





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