This birdy represent happyness in life, shiny happyness, energy, motivation, very content but in calm. Clarity of thoughts.

The universeve helps to do it my way, she thinks. Feels happiness but also with a sence of pain deep inside. Cries without reason, feeling of beeing rejected irritable and impatient. Ear perception very accurate, musical ear, sensitiveness to smell and hear at the same time.

Dreams flying, being a white bird, going hights, water ocean, family and friends very important, also dreams with them. He sees things from a different perspective. Plans the future, plans with the family, celebrations specially with his children.

Like all birds, in a spiritual way with an universal connection. Where happiness and joy is the main core of the remedy that is why I wish you all the happyness through this post, to all people in the world, may this joy remain in the heart of all mankind to share the best of everyone.
May the joy of our hearts be together for ever and ever.




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