Allen Keynotes and characteristics Materia Medica
Adapted to diseases of old people, worn-out constitutions,
especially from inebriety, cachexia, from prolonged or
frequent attacks of bilious or intermittent fevers.
Bruised feeling, as if broken, all over the body (Arn, Belis)
Bone Pains affecting back, head, chest, limbs, especially
the wrists, as if dislocated. The more general and
severe, the better adapted.
Pains come quickly and go away as quickly, Vertigo, sensation
as if falling to the left, will not turn the head to the left
for fear of falling.
Cough: Chronic, loose with hectic, chest sore, must support
it with hands at night, following measles or suppressed
Fever: Chills to 9 am, one day, at noon the next day, bitter
vomiting at close of chill; drinking hastens chills and
causes vomiting, BONE PAINS, before and during chill.
Relations; followed well by Nat m, and Sepia
in jaundiced conditions compare Chelidonium, Pod., Lyc.
Bryonia is the nearest analogue, having free sweat, but
pains keep patient quiet, while Eup. has scanty sweat
and pains make patient restless.
Clarke J.H. Dictionary of Materia Medica,
for Dengue, herpes of anus, fractures, gout., Influenza
hiccough, hoarseness, intermittent fever, jaundice,
soreness of the liver, measles, cracks of mouth, ophthalmia
ringworm, rheumatism, syphilitic pains, thirst, wounds.
Eupat. Perfoliatum is an old world remedy, having been
recommended by Dioscorides for ill-conditioned ulcers,
dysentery, stings of reptiles, chronic fevers, obstructed
liver. ITS leading characteristic is THE DISTRESSING
BONE PAINS, such as those of malarial fevers and influenza.
Soreness with headache, internal soreness, parietal protuberance
sore, with pain and soreness in eyeballs, cough with extreme
soreness down trachea, soreness of chest, aching in limbs
throughout the body
a Characteristic cough bettered by getting on hands and knees.
or cough bettered by kneeling with face towards pillow.
Eating violent distressing pains which are only relieved by
vomiting Chilliness predominates, wants to be covered, better
in house, agg. in open air, agg. after being in ice’house.
by Beatriz H Hill Medicina Homeopática Behhill




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