A NOSODE especially adapted to the psoric constitution.
The sero-purulent matter contained in the Scabies vesicle was used
to make the mother tincture at the 30 potency to use.

…In 1832 when C. Hering went to South America and capatured de Bush
master snake, and the venom for Lachesis was proved he said: “During
this experiment I thought of hydrophobic virus should be a powerful pathological
agent. I presented the same hypothesis regarding the virus of vareola, I expect
no less as psoric virus, and I invite my colleages to make provings, and shortly
after Hahneman published his Chronic Disease Theory, Hering performed the
first proving of Psorinum on himself and he originated the method of using a
Miasmatic agent as a basis for a remedy and Hering coined the term “Nosode”
Noso= a prefix added to the idea of disease indicating morbid root, also
connected to latin word Noxa that means damaged.
The Romans used the term Scabies to denote any prurictic skin disease. In the
17th Century, Giovanni Cosimo Bonomo identified the mite as one cause of
Scabies. The name Sarcoptes scabiei is derived from the Greek Sarx=The flesh,
and Koptein=to smite or cut and the latin word scabere= to scratch.
Scabies caused by S.scabiei var hominis an obligate human parasite.
Psorinum in chronic cases when well selected remedies fail to relieve or
permanently improve when other remedies fail to act.
Tomorrow a Synopsis of Nine ways to administer the Nosodes by C. Hering.
please share, you all know the remedy.
BeatrizHH for Ilovehomeopathy




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