Hahnemannian Monthly, 1865-66, one of three rules
concerning the rank of symptoms:
the Symptoms of a case and the symptoms of a medicine must not
only be alike, one by one, but in both the same symptoms must also be of a like rank. It is thus the rank, according to which we arrange the symptoms obtained by the examination of a case.
The rank, the value, the importance of the respective symptoms of the drug, which decides when, as it often will happen, several different drugs have apparently the same similarity, it is the rank which decides the selection. Hahnemann has given us a second rule in his Chronic Diseases, we may either adopt his psoric theory or not, but, if we follow his practical advice laid down in the said work, we shall, in proportion have far better success and
will be forced to adapt at least all the practical rules contained in said theory.
for ILH Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática Behhill