Materia Medica Pura
Examination of the sources of the common materia medica 1.
Next to a knowledge of what there is to cure in each particular case which presents itself for treatment there can be no more necessary knowledge for a practical physician than an acquaintance with the CURATIVE implements, to know, namely what each of the remedies can certainly cure.
Twenty-three centuries have been spent in fruitless labor to discover the way by which the end of this knowledge may be
certainly reached, and not a step has been gained by all these efforts.
Had the millions of physicians who during this long space of time
occupied themselves with the subject, only discovered the way to the knowledge of how this end was to be attained?, then had much almost everything, been accomplished, for then would this way have been capable  of being pursued, and the zeal and exertions of the better class of physicians must have soon wan a considerable territory or knowledge, so that what still remained to be investigated would also soon have been with in our gasp.
But observe, that not one, as yet, ever trod the path that surely and certainly leads to this end. All the paths hitherto trodden were, consequently, as one century was forced to say of those of another, mere ways of error. These we shall examine somewhat more closely.
for ILH Beatriz Hernández Hill, Beatriz H Hill




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