HELLEBORUS NIGER, Black Hellebore, Christmas Rose
Tincture of dry powdered root, or juice of fresh root
mixed with equal parts of alcohol.
“the Helleborism of the ancients” Hahnemann famous essay.
Hahnemann said”I conclude from various observations that one of the first effects of Black Hellebore is a kind of stupor.
A dulness of the SENSORIUM COMMUNE, with sight
unimpaired, nothing is seen very fully, and the patient does
not pay attention to anything, hears perfectly although nothing heard distinctly, has perfect constituted gustatory organs, but everything seems to have lost its taste, the
mind is often or always without ideas, where the past is
forgotten or little remembered, where nothing gives one
any pleasure. The patient´s leep is very light, feels deire to work but without the necessary strength or attention
requiered for it.
Helleborus goes on to actual inflammatory states of the
brain and its meningues, prominent drowsiness.
Dropsical conditions of the brain or the whole body.
In post scarlatinal dropsy with these indications
Consussion of the brain resulting from a blow on the
head after Arnica had failed.
In fever there is sooty appearance of nostrils, yelow
tongue with red edges, breath horribly offensive, drinks
roll audibly into stomach, pale face, almost cold, pulse faint,
picks clothes and lips.
Dropsical affectins, of inner or outer parts, parts which are
usually white turn red
Abcense of thirst in all complaints, thirst with disgust for drinks, CHILD: nurses greedily with disgust for food”
Hunger, yet food is repulsive though it tastes natural.
“Sinking sensation” more than any other drug.
Night blindness
Urine with dark sediment like coffe ground, too scanty.
Torpidity and apathy run through the remedy
> warm air, by wrapping up
> when mind is diverted.
Beatriz H Hill




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