Foxglove, Blackwood AL. writes
Digitalis should be thought if the heart is dilated and
a general anasarca is present.
Hale E.M. The Medical Surgical and hygienic, Treatment
of disease of women, especially thoseD causing sterility.

for Pregnancy with a weakened heart”, indispensable
whether from functional or organic disease, the physiological
strain which it is called upon the undergo. “irritable heart”
when its action is irregular, intermitting, weak, and
excitable, no remedy compares with digitalis in its
controlling power. Excellent for pregnancy.
Farrington EA. writes for Dropsies primarily from
cardiac debility, later developing congestion of liver and
kidneys with cirrhosis and fatty degeneration.
Digitalis produces violent erections, even chordee.
It is one of our best remedies for involuntary seminal
emissions during sleep, even without dreams. and
emissions followed by great weakness.
Guernsey H.N. Keynotes writes Digitalis that one of
the characteristics of this remedy is slow pulse,
bluish appearance of the face, stools gray or ash-colored
discharge of urine to scanty, dropsy of inner parts.
Cinchona antidotes the direct action of digitalis and
increases the anxiety. Agg. when sitting, especially
when sitting erect, and by motion.
Suitable for sudden flushed of heat, followed by great nervous weakness and irregular, intermitting pulse,
occurring at climacteric, worse by least motion.
Note Clarke A.G. Decachord Never give Digitalis to
slow pulse in pneumonias. The patient is low-spirited,
tearful, likes consolation, anxiety even part from heart
Lippe A.Von Keynotes
Faintish debility with perspiration, scanty urine,
Morgan W. writes Digitalis in cases of Diabetes in the
aged, subject to epileptiform seizures, general lassitude,
vertigo, and intermittent pulse, emaciation of the body
proportionate to an increase of intellectual activity,
and the serous apoplexy of old age. Its pathogenesy
yields a corrosive itching and peeling of the skin, an
irregular, weak pulse, anxiousness, with apprehension
of the future, violent lancinating headache, amaurosis,
objects appear either green or yellow, dryness of
throat, great thirst, costiveness and a desire to pass
Beatriz Hernández Hill,




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