BUFO (Rana)
BUFO(Sahytiensis) Remedy made of the poison of the Toad
when the animal is teased or irritated.

Acts on the nervous system, skin, uterine sympthoms,
Paralysis agitans. Striking rheumatic symptoms.
Arouses the lowest passion, causes desire of intoxicating drinks, impotense, Onanismo,
Used in feeble minded children. Prematurely senil.
Epileptic symptoms preceded by screaming. Convulsive seisures occur during sleep at night. Connected with derangements of the sexual sphere, like dysmenorrhea
with burning in the ovaries, or in both uterus and
ovaries, occasionally extending to the external
genital organs. J.H Allen writes The malignat
conditions and carcinomatous pains (like Ars)
burn like fire.
All its discharges are very offensive.
and the symptoms will aggravate just before or
during menses. Bufo is a remedy for the
malignancies arising from the mixed miasm Pseudo-
psora and sycosis and it ailments a of a very
low scale. Aggravation warm room, for puting
feet in water and better in cool air.
Every thing is bloody, secretion of bloody moist,
nose bleeding amel., bloody saliva, throwing up blood, copious menses,
Skin suppurates, Discharges ofensive.
morning, cold air, boot bath
The skin turns greenish dirty look.
Banerjea, S. K. M. M. writes
B- burning blisters: in palms and soles: pains run
in streaks of the arm.
U- Unbearable to music
F feeble minded with desire for solitude
O Onanism impotency dischare too quick
R Rheumatism staggering gait as if a peg were
driven in joints.
A Adapted to the prematurely senile persons with
derangments of sexual sphere.
N Nervous system affections: epilepsy where aura
starts from the sexual organs.
A Alcohol craving.

Beatriz H Hill




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