Hahnemann writes to Dr. Constantine Hering



Dear Good Hering,

When you see Kopp’s book and the Allgemeine Jioinoopathische Zeitung it will pain you to read with what insolent dogmatism they have begun to vaunt a mixture of Allopathic bed practice with a superficial sort of Homeopathy.
On two successive years I warned them privately in a fatherly but energetic manner, but they would still carry on their disorderly practices.

I had with me here upwards of twenty of my best disciples from all parts, our Boenninghausen was among the number, and all agreed that the true Homeopathist, besides administering a single Homeopathic medicine carefully selected for the accurately ascertained morbid state, should eschew all that might weaken the patient, and all external painful applications.

May God strengthen them in their beneficent labors.
I beg for your continued friendship and love.

Yours truly,

Samuel Hahnemann

(In a letter written in 1833 to Dr. Constantine Hering)

Iman 🙂




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