5 Best Kratom for Sleep and Insomnia


With the increasing stress and lifestyle imbalance, it is clear that a good night can easily say a very bittersweet goodbye to you. Improper sleep schedule not only leads to irritability or frustration but also to a lot more health problems.

Some recent studies have shown that the physical and psychological health of an individual is closely related, and sometimes any abnormality in one shows adverse effects on the other. This is one of the reasons why doctors are now focusing on including both the aspects for the most appropriate diagnosis of any health problem.

Coming back to the main point, sleeping problems are escalating with each passing day. To say that it is just a mere concerning topic would be an understatement. Treating sleep problems mean treating the underlying causes because without doing that, the problem can never be solved properly.

What are the general causes of insomnia and sleep disorders?

Most often, we confuse the causes of sleep deprivation and insomnia to be our stress and everything going on in our lives. Though to a major extent it is true, we cannot entirely put the blame on the happenings of your life.

Looking from a more rational side, the causes of the problem can be varied and defined more appropriately rather than keeping them vague. So, let’s have a look at the reasons why you stay up for nights, despite knowing that both your mind and your body need a peaceful sleep.

  1. Voluntary Actions

Most of the times you voluntary aid to the lack of sleep because you contribute your sleep times to do something less productive like reading a book or gossiping with friends. Though at first, this can sound good, as the days go on, these actions will lead to a sleep imbalance.

  1. Commitments to work and study

Getting too much involved in the studies or in your work can definitely cause some serious sleep deprivation cases.  Most of the times, you tire your brain too much that you start having the feelings of sluggishness and lethargy.

  1. Stress and pressure

The most important factor that can keep you up for nights without having to actually interfere is the intense amount of stress that you need to handle. At times, it can become too much, making you go all emotional and restless. When combined together, it means to bid a farewell to your sleep.

  1. Depression and Anxiety

Both are highly related to each other which only make the cases worse, it not worst. If you handle your depression, you start becoming anxious about some uncertain results. It is always not possible to treat both these at the same time, and thus, the sleep problems only escalate.

  1. Sleeping etiquettes

Sleeping habits are essential but we often ignore them, like watching the phone while trying to sleep, having tea or coffee before bed, and so on.

Does a lack of sleep result in any kind of serious consequences?

Is kratom effective in treating sleep problems?

Coming to the part where you are confused about the most appropriate and effective remedy for your sleep disorders- Kratom is an excellent herbal product that you can use to lessen the psychological pain.

Derived from countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and other southeastern countries, this is a herbal plant whose main components are the alkaloids. These alkaline components contribute to most of the benefits shown by Kratom towards human health. However, as per the recommendations, Kratom should always be taken within the dosage limit to avoid any adverse effect.

How does it actually treat health disorders?

What are the best five kratoms that can be consumed for a proper sleep?

Now, when it has been established that Kratom indeed can work upon the sleep deprivation problems and insomnia, let’s have a look at the best Kratom types to have to actually get the benefit.

1)    Kali Red Vein

The strain is native to the regions of Kalimantan and is almost similar to the Red Bali Vein, but with less intensity than the latter. This is why it takes a little longer for the body to break the alkaloids and show the mild sedative effects. However, these effects are much more long-lasting than the ones produced by other Kratom strains. Use it if you are just a beginner and make sure the usage is at night time.

2)    Ultra Enhanced Red Borneo

This is a mixed variety, with either two different or two same strains of different quantity. This is the reason why its features are enhanced and much more dominant. However, as two properties can be incompatible with each other, only the pro individuals should use this. It is because their body will be able to cope up with antagonistic effects at the same time.

3)    Bali 10x Kratom

No alkaloid is present as it is extracted by boiling the Bali strain leaves. This leaves the color of the powder dark than the usual one. Also, the sedative effect of the strain in enhanced greatly because of the concentrated potential of the powder.

4)    Red Vein Bali

Here, both the Sumatra and the Borneo varieties are mixed together in a proper proportion to get the desired effect. It takes very little time to act, and hence within minutes you will be able to feel your eyes drooping and body relaxing for proper sleep. Kratom Crazy is the best place where you can actually get the original Red Vein Bali products.

5)    Red Vein Maeng Da

Perfect for the beginners or who like a slow action, this is the rawest strain as the leaves are collected directly from the plants growing in the deep forest. This is why it is slow paced but nonetheless effective much.