Dr. Charles Frederick Menninger (1862-1953) from Indiana of U.S.

After graduating from college in 1882, Charles became a college instructor in Holton, Kansas. His capacity for learning and teaching was extraordinary. He taught his students algebra, bookkeeping, botany, chemistry, geography, geology, history, mineralogy, music, natural philosophy, physiology, and physics. He also taught himself engineering and he became so proficient, Holton officials hired him to survey the city.

He decided to pursue a career in medicine and found his first year’s course of study inadequate compared with the one he had designed himself in Holton. So he went on to study Homeopathy. He also strongly believed in group practice and teamwork among medical professions, however, later as a Homeopath, Dr. Menninger found fellow physicians unfriendly. Believing that no patient was untreatable, he said: “I have the vision of a better kind of medicine and a better kind of world”.

Rest in peace Dr. C. F. Menninger
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