In the year 1871 in Boston of U.S., the Massachusetts Homeopathic Hospital opened a 14 bed facility. A fair organized by the Ladies Aid Association and conducted over a period of ten days raised money for the Homeopathic Hospital. In 1876 the Homeopathic Hospital expanded the center with 40 beds.

In 1884 this Homeopathic Hospital was enlarged to include a surgical wing, a cottage ward for infectious diseases, boiler house and laundry, thus increasing bed capacity to 75.

In 1886 Westborough Insane Hospital opened. It became one of the largest institutions under Homeopathic management in its time.

In 1892 the Homoeopathic Hospital enlarged its facilities again, incorporating the Surgical Annex, mortuary and new kitchen, to provide 225 beds.

In 1897 Maternity Department of the Homeopathic Hospital was established at 40 West Newton Street. The Nurse’s Home began construction to provide housing for 100 nurses.

In 1918 the Department of Pharmacology was formally established in the Hospital, which resulted in dropping its Homeopathic designation.

History indeed reveals…!




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