#1 Reason You Should Use Homeopathy!

Healing art of Homeoapthy

Homeopathy is the art and science of medicine that penetrates to the cause of disease and by the power of its remedies, brings the patient back to his rightful state of health or wholeness.
Pain to the Homeopathic physician or practitioner is an indication that the vital forces of the patient are being vitiated by some invading force; that these life forces need stimulating and encouraging so that they may eject the enemy; he will therefore set to work to find a remedy that in its nature will correspond to the nature and temperament of the patient suffering pain.
He will carefully examine every detail of the habits and thoughts of the body and mind so that his prescription may be accurate for he knows that in the great repertory of homoeopathic remedies there will be one that will correspond, be similar to his patient, and that it will achieve the desired result.
[quote_center]Those who have tested the value of Homeopathic medication know beyond doubt that his sense of health and well-being which results from accurate prescribing has no equal in the allopathic school.[/quote_center]

Dr. G. E. Leonard




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